Luke Bryan Reminds Us Why We Love Him with “Fast”


Luke Bryan is like the ex-boyfriend that you just can’t quit. He does silly things like put out songs like “Kick the Dust Up” that make you want to dump him immediately and return a box of all of the stuff he ever gave you. Yet, without fail, he comes crawling back with that pearly-white grin and a song like “Fast,” which he played at his 2015 CMA Fest Fan club Party.

According to partygoers, Bryan announced that the stunningly sentimental ballad would be a single off his forthcoming album, Kill the Lights, due out August 7.

The track is stirring and sentimental, reminding fans what they loved about Luke in the first place. Gone are the cheesy country cliches, the tailgates and the spring breaking nonsense. Instead, Bryan delivers a gorgeously written song in earnest.

Alright Luke Bryan, we forgive you for “Kick Up the Dust” and even that catfish-dinner-T-Pain mess. Just stick to songs like “Fast” and we can live happily ever after.


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