Review: Laura Bell Bundy Gives All the Pieces of Herself on New Album


It has been several years since Big Machine Label Group recording artist Laura Bell Bundy released her first country album (Achin’ and Shakin’), and the time away from the forefront of the music industry has proven fruitful for the multifaceted singer-songwriter. Spending time on television, following years in film and on Broadway, Laura continued to expand her professional horizons, adding more shine to an already bright star.

Using her honed and newly acquired skills to create well-rounded music, Laura poured every piece of herself into her forthcoming album Another Piece of Me, available now for pre-order and releasing Tuesday, June 9th. A self-proclaimed commitment-phobe, Laura proved otherwise on her fifteen-track offering, fully indulging in every lyric of every song, showing unadulterated commitment to her record.

An album that is three parts upbeat, one part ballad, and one part mid-tempo, Laura is able to showcase her cheerful, playful personality, while having little resistance to revealing her more vulnerable and serious sides. Filled with sass and spirit, Laura included songs such as “Love Me Like a Lady,” “She Only Wants to Dance,” “Let’s Pretend We’re Married” and “Wait Until the Sun Goes Down” which spotlight her vibrancy and boldness. Songs like “China and Wine” and “Another Piece of Me” slow things down, indicating a layer filled with deep-rooted sentiment and raw emotion. Amongst the mid-tempo tracks is “I Am What I Am,” an inspirational song that reminds people to love themselves first so they can do unto others.

Highlights on Another Piece of Me consist of a variety of songs as well-rounded as the pieces that make up Laura Bell Bundy. The fast-paced “Happy Yet” is a snarky and confident approach to telling someone that you are so over, with lyrics such as “I’m still laughing and acting like you and me never happened.” The track provides the comedic relief you expect from Laura, along with a message of knowing who does and does not lend to your own sense of happiness.

On the other end of the standout moment spectrum is the touching ode to somebody who is always there for you (in Laura’s case it was previously dedicated to her mom), “That’s What Angels Do.” The explosive chorus goes:

That’s what angels do, that’s what love is for, points you to a window when you can’t find a door. When you’re all out of faith and it’s more than you can take, you’re not strong enough, you need someone to pull you through. That’s what angels do.

The album also includes prior releases “Kentucky Dirty” and “Two Step (featuring Colt Ford),” both of which take listeners back to Laura’s bluegrass roots and stomping boots.

Another Piece of Me is unmistakably a project that is indicative of the parts that make up Laura Bell Bundy. In fact, during an interview I did with Laura earlier today, she explained:

The whole idea concept behind “Another Piece of Me” is that each song represents a different version of who I am. Whether there’s like the zany, energetic, crazy, “Two Step” version, or “Kentucky Dirty,” or “She Only Wants to Dance,” then there’s also like the commitment phobic part of me that has a sense of humor in “Let’s Pretend We’re Married,” or the reflective side of who I am, which is “China and Wine” or “Another Piece of Me.” It’s almost like you take a little journey down the road between my head and my heart.

Along that journey, you are graced with the exhilarating beauty of Laura’s vocals, which are deserving of an article of their own. Bursting through the speakers, Laura’s voice projects passion, pride, and personality with every word, eliciting a sound that is unique to the industry and introducing a modern mentality with a traditional country approach. If you are looking for a record that is jam-packed with entertainment from beginning to end, spectacular vocals, witty lyrics, and the occasional moment of coping with pain, Another Piece of Me is the album to satisfy your varying needs.

Pre-order Laura Bell Bundy’s Another Piece of Me by clicking the album cover below, and watch for the rest of our EXCLUSIVE interview with the brilliantly talented Big Machine recording artist on Monday!