Kip Moore might love Shania Twain more than we do!


This is a battle of who do we love more….Kip Moore or Shania Twain?! I don’t think there is a correct answer so the fact that Kip loves Shania so much makes this a little easier. While Kip sat down to talk to Glamour the topic of Shania came up and his answers could straight up be swapped for mine and you’d never know the difference. That’s pretty awesome.

Check ’em out below:

Glamour: Lip-synch song of choice?
Kip: Shania Twain. I could dominate early Shania Twain music. I could get down with it. I just love her. That’s my woman. I’ve never met her, but I will one day. We’re supposed to meet.
Glamour: What do you love most about Shania?
Kip: There’s nothing I don’t love about Shania. She’s just…when I saw the “Any Man of Mine” video I was just like (jaw drops) glued to the TV. I was like, “This is my woman. This is Mrs. Moore right here.” I might be way younger, but this is my woman!

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