Kenny Chesney apparently packs tomato plants on tour with him


I’ve heard of singers bringing pets or vehicles or sports equipment along with them on tour, but tomato plants? Yeah, that’s a new one.

Cindy Spicer from Jacksonville’s WQIK sent me a message and asked me if I knew that Kenny Chesney brought along tomato plants with him on tour.

Nope, hadn’t heard of that one before.

From WQIK:

I was just backstage at a Kenny Chesney show and sitting in the hall were a couple of wheelbarrows of tomato plants with tomatoes on them. So I asked Kenny if those were his plants and he started laughing and said yes!

Apparently he takes them with him so that he can have fresh tomatoes on tour. Who doesn’t love a good vine ripened tomato?

Kenny Chesney tomato plansKenny Chesney tomato plants

Hey, what Kenny wants, Kenny gets.

Kenny Chesney Takes These Plants with Him on Tour

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    I bet it’s Burpee tomatoes because they are THE BEST <3

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