Kelsea Ballerini’s legs deserves sonnets written about them.


In the middle of admiring how talented Kelsea Ballerini is, we may or may not noticed she does have legs….for days. And it was good to know we weren’t the only ones, when Josh Kerr agreed “200%” that her legs deserve sonnets written about them. That’s like…100% more than 100%.  So with that kind of confidence….when can we expect to hear those sonnets?


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    OK Ash…Until the ghost of Shakespeare invades my body…this will have to do. I’ll point out it is the only known sonnet to Kelsea’s legs so by default it IS the best one. Keepin’ it positive. 🙂

    Whiniest the time that music rules

    Whiniest the time that music rules
    What stage beckoned the heartbeat most
    Upon all manner of suffering fools
    In me for weeks I’ll joke and boast

    Be it pins or stems or maybe gams
    Oh fear the search may never end
    For want of the finest in the lands
    Only perfect wills the heart to mend

    But where and when will they be shown
    What manner of host will bear those fruit
    Can my life have meaning the mind be blown
    Will they end in socks or even a boot

    In the end it was easier than ordering Panini
    The most perfect legs are on Ms Ballerini

    1. Shannon

      clap. clap. clap

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