Kelsea Ballerini Pops a Top

Kelsea Ballerini

Kelsea Ballerini‘s debut single “Love Me Like You Mean It” became the first Number 1 debut by a solo female since 2006 earlier this week, and the industry is rejoicing over the tremendous feat by the twenty-one year old singer-songwriter. While Kelsea could simply pat herself on the back for a job well done, that kind of person is the antithesis of the latest chart-topper.

Kelsea realized early on that it takes a village to breed a successful music career, and she has been quite vocal about thanking her label, co-writers, band, radio stations, bloggers, fans, and all others who have had a hand in supporting her. The rise of her single to Number 1 was no different, as Kelsea openly expressed her gratitude to everybody who had even a minute part in the success.

This morning on The Bobby Bones Show, the radio personalities who are known and loved nationwide and who have supported the females in the industry incessantly shared a story that made Kelsea even more lovable than she was already. Yesterday, in the eye of the perfect storm she was living, the hit singer-songwriter visited the WSIX studio to bring them a celebratory bottle of Dom Perignon champagne (and a bottle of allegedly alcohol-free grape juice for Bobby Bones) to thank them for helping her reach Number 1 status.

That’s right. When she could have been bouncing off the walls and focusing on herself, Kelsea made it a point to express her thankfulness to those around her.

This is one of the reasons Kelsea Ballerini will have a long and lustrous career. It’s the little gestures and the appreciation that go a long, long way, and Kelsea learned early on the art of being a phenomenal artist; but even more so, a beautiful and respectable person.