Kelly Clarkson Makes Desperate Plea to Pop Star


Kelly Clarkson has always been the approachable type, making fans feel like they could be best friends with her. Now, Kelly has taken her relatability to a new level, sending out an SOS to a fellow celebrity via social media in true fan fashion.

As you likely already know, Kelly is a member of the Blackstock/McEntire family by marriage, exchanging “I dos” with music manager Brandon Blackstock (Narvel Blackstock‘s son and Reba McEntire‘s stepson) in 2013. Upon tying the knot, Kelly took on more than just the role of wife; she also became stepmom to Brandon’s daughter, Savannah, and son, Seth.

Seth, who is currently eight-years-old, apparently has musical tastes that stray from beyond the confines of his home and the genre in which he is being raised. Seth is a full-fledged “Arianator,” recently declaring his love for pop star Ariana Grande via adorable artwork. Kelly did what any proud parent would do in that situation and posted a picture of said art on her social media pages, asking Ariana to meet her and Seth in London.

Hopefully this gesture hits Ariana with a “Bang Bang” and she agrees to meet Seth, guaranteeing that Kelly will have one less “Problem” on her hands.