Kellie Pickler Releases New Single “Feeling Tonight”


It’s been awhile since Kellie Pickler released new music, but the bubbly blonde starlet promised this summer would mark her big return to radio. Staying true to her word, Kellie introduced the first of hopefully many new tracks today, perfectly timed to ring in the summer season.

“Feeling Tonight” is a light, cheery song about love, posing the question of whether the other half of the relationship is feeling the exact same thing at the exact same time. Placing her twangy vocals on the track and supported by an assembly of guitars, Kellie joyfully sings the lyrics in a way that spreads pure happiness to listeners. Couple the sweet emotion of the delivery with a fun approach to extracting honest communication from a loved one and we’ve got a foolproof plan to make him share what he’s feeling tonight.

The upbeat bridge and chorus celebrate a perfect night together, as she hopes that the man she’s with is feeling everything she is at the moment:

Put your hand in my pocket, spin me ’round, spin me ’round. Catch my heart before I drop it on the ground, on the ground. Promise me you ain’t stopping what you’re doing right now ’cause what you’re doing right now is sunshine at midnight. Hey are you feeling just what I’m feeling? ‘Cause I’m up for feeling any kind of feeling you feel like feeling tonight.

An appropriate return for Kellie Pickler under her label Black River Entertainment, “Feeling Tonight” is everything fans love about Kellie, complete with reeling instrumentation and electric rock sounds that bring this elegant and loveable artist to the next level with the evolving times. “Feeling Tonight,” written by Sarah Buxton, Josh Osborne, and Jimmy Robbins, and produced by Kellie’s husband Kyle Jacobs, is primed to be a summer hit … if radio will give it its due respect.

Click here to listen to Kellie Pickler’s “Feeling Tonight”: