Jurassic World’s Chris Pratt says Eric Church helped influence his character

Chris Pratt GQ

Jurassic World is by far the biggest movie around right now and is quickly inching its way towards the billion dollar mark. Now it turns out that Eric Church had a small part in making the movie’s main character cool.

Chris Pratt, who played the amazing Velociraptor handler in Jurassic World, is on the cover of the current GQ and reveals in an interview with the magazine that thinking of Eric Church was part of how he got camera ready.

“On Jurassic World, all of Pratt’s ideas and approaches were combined into a kind of mantra that he would repeat to himself just before the camera rolled: ‘Flow core, no TC, volume up point five, Eric Church.’ Eric Church to remind him of ‘Dark Side,’ a song by Church that Pratt was listening to over and over, and the darkness in this character it encapsulated. ‘Flow core’ to remind him of his posture when he was paddleboarding. ‘Volume up point five’ to remind him to make his voice slightly louder. ‘No TC’ to remind him to lead with his forehead, in a formulation only a formerly fat man would think to use: No triple chin.”

I guess we all have to have something to help us get pumped for whatever we have to accomplish. Do you have any mantras that help you get going?