Jo Dee Messina Admits to Being a Swiftie!


If you didn’t already absolutely love yourself some Jo Dee Messina, prepare to fall truly, madly, deeply in love with her after reading this article.

“Why is that?” you may ask. Well, because during an interview I conducted with the platinum-selling, Grammy-nominated icon earlier today, she admitted to being a proud Taylor Swift fan. In fact, she owned her “Swiftie” classification in a way that made my face turn “Red” with laughter.

In discussing the current state of the industry and the gender inequality, I asked Jo Dee “do you have a favorite up and coming female right now?” Without skipping a beat, Jo Dee responded with:

I’m still loving Taylor Swift. What’s wrong with that?! Am I the only one afraid to admit that publicly? I mean, the girl knows how to write songs. You can’t tell me that you don’t hear a Taylor Swift song and sing it all day long. That’s an art. That’s a knack. She’s got a knack for that. I actually have a fine jar in my house and every time I sing a Taylor Swift song, I don’t realize it, but my husband makes me put money in the fine jar because I sing ’em all day long! I try to sing the album cuts, that way he doesn’t know it’s a Taylor Swift song!

Jo Dee, there is nothing wrong with your Taylor love, whatsoever. In fact, we embrace your appreciation for a good T. Swift song around here; and if someone can’t respect that, well, do as Taylor would and simply “Shake it Off”!

Make sure to download Jo Dee’s amazing album Me by clicking the cover art below, and give her a few social media follows on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Periscope. You never know when she may channel her inner Taylor and show off her “Style” across those social platforms!


***Look for my full interview with Jo Dee Messina this Friday on Nashville Gab***


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