Jo Dee Messina’s Give a Damn Is NOT Busted After All


If there is one thing we know about Jo Dee Messina, it is that she prides herself on the status of her “give a damn.” However, at her recent CMA Fest show at the AT&T U-verse Fan Fair X Up Close Stage, she proved otherwise.

During her set, which drew in one of the largest crowds of the weekend, Jo Dee decided to share the spotlight with fans, affording them the opportunity to ask her questions between songs. Along with the questions about her, her music, and the industry, fans requested certain songs from Jo Dee’s catalog that they wanted the superstar to sing.

There were also requests made for songs that Jo Dee can’t claim as her own.

One sweet onlooker poised at the end of the second row raised his hand and asked her to sing “I Hope You Dance.” Though the inspirational hit tune belongs to Lee Ann Womack, Jo Dee felt compelled to fulfill this particular fan’s request. With lyrics engrained in her head of her songs, she was a little unsure of the words to “I Hope You Dance,” so she called on the audience to assist. Soon, the microphone was being handed to members of the crowd to help the Grammy nominee out. Jo Dee cracked jokes, referring to one lady as Lee Ann Womack, as she continued to work toward making sure she could grant the requesting fan’s musical wish.


Eventually an event staff member handed her a phone with the lyrics displayed, and Jo Dee began to sing. Her guitarist quickly caught on and started to play along, while fans sang the words of the first verse and chorus in unison. When Jo Dee broke into her signature stage giggles at the end of the fulfillment, the audience erupted into applause to show its gratitude for her kindness.

All of this came right before she received a standing ovation for her heartfelt and emotional performance of gospel song “Need You Now” by Plumb. Needless to say, when you get below that tough exterior, which includes a snarky stage presence that will leave you in stitches, Jo Dee Messina’s give a damn is far from busted. In fact, this artist very much gives a damn about her fans, her music, and so much more.

And in case you didn’t notice, we give a damn right back.



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