Jo Dee Messina Gets Called Out at Nashville Airport


When you go to BNA (Nashville International Airport), it isn’t rare to run into a country music artist. It is the hub for their travels, after all. In fact, if you are a frequent flyer on social media, you have likely seen photographs and/or 140-character (or less) exclamations about who saw who at what terminal today.

What is rare, however, is hearing your favorite artists be paged over the intercom, alerting them that they left important items behind. That is exactly what BNA travelers experienced on Friday night as they awaited or deplaned their flights. Songwriter Tyler Reeve headed right to Twitter to share his confusion with his followers regarding the announcement that boomed over the loud speakers.

Evidently Jo Dee Messina forgot a critical belonging, considering few can function without their monocles… Is anybody else picturing Jo Dee dressed up like the Count from Sesame Street? No? Oh, okay… Well, hopefully she grabbed her goods before embarking on her flight to her next show because a monocle is a terrible thing to waste.

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