Arizona Artist Jay Faircloth Is a Gutless Romantic (Listen!)


Jay Faircloth is best known in Tucson, Arizona where he makes his rounds, performing at local restaurants, bars, and events, collecting fans as he travels in the smallest big city I have ever visited. One thing you can always expect at a show is his supportive following stopping in to hear their favorite songs and get a friendly hug from Jay, an artist who expresses his gratitude to his fans throughout every performance.

Aside from his lovable nature, Jay has won his fellow Tucsonans over with his deep, rich vocals, moving lyrics, and commanding stage presence. A song that has resonated well with his fans — new and old alike — is one that recently became available on iTunes, “Gutless Romantic.”

While Jay is typically an acoustic performer that fits squarely into the “Americana” sub-genre of country music, the produced version of “Gutless Romantic” demonstrates a more versatile side of the Georgia-born artist. Adding electric guitars and percussion to the typically single-instrument piece creates layers of depth, intensifying the painful admission that Jay makes in his lyrics that, perhaps, what he hoped was meant to be will never find a way. The pristine vocals in the emotionally-driven song range from the artist’s peaks and valleys, showcasing a voice of many octaves and capabilities that stem far beyond what the occasional mainstream artist is displaying through terrestrial radio waves.

Though Jay Faircloth may only be a household name in his geographically opposing home states of Arizona and Georgia at this time, the talent he has far exceeds those limited boundaries. We invite you to get your first listen to “Gutless Romantic” and download the powerful song on iTunes below.

Thank you to Jessica Northey for the introduction to Jay Faircloth and his talent.

Photo credit: Ce Elliott



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    Jason McNett

    I helped Jay while I was in Tucson in the transportation of his gear and person to different gigs. It was always great to get free music and try to find new songs for him to try out. You all really should hear him do Stoney Larue’s Train to Birmingham!!!

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