Jason Aldean is aware he has traditional country hits…


Jason Aldean didn’t get to be a big ol’ country star by not being aware of the waves being made in country music. Hell…he is usually the one causing those waves. So, with country music under the microscope of criticism when it comes to the subjective sound of it, he was ready to take a stand.

Alden told the Green Bay Press Gazette why he loved country music and where his music fits in:

“Here’s the deal: I love country music, and I love traditional country music. We’ll put out a song like ‘Burnin’ It Down’ and then we’ll come around and put out a song like ‘The Truth.’ ‘The Truth’ is about as country as it gets. The thing is, even though we branch out here and there and go in a different direction, it all comes back around to the fact that it’s country. ‘Tattoos on This Town,’ things like that, those are country songs. We put our little rock flavor on them, but those are country songs,”

He sure is on the defensive about this whole bro country label….but he DOES have a point. ‘The Truth’ still hits DEEP.

What do YOU think?


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  1. vancewden@yahoo.com'

    Aldean has had some great traditional songs. ‘Night Train’ was full of them. Unfortunately, this latest album is lacking in that area.

  2. Ehawker25@hotmail.com'

    Love Amarillo sky and fly over states.

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