Who is Jamie O’Neal’s Hair Idol?


While she is looking very Farrah Fawcett, circa Charlie’s Angels, in the Instagram photo she posted, it isn’t the 1970s-80s beauty that inspired her curly blonde locks on this particular occasion. Instead, it was fellow female country artist Natalie Stovall who Jamie had in mind when she recognized a straight do was, well, not going to do it.

Before her show in Fort Erie, Canada, Jamie realized the weather wasn’t conducive to a hair straightener and opted to go big. Or, as Jamie put it, she was “rockin the ‘Stovall'”. Natalie later “regrammed” Jamie’s photo, sharing her excitement over the artist who still has failed to realize that there is, in fact, an Arizona. Natalie exclaimed:

Well put a fork in me cause I am done! @jamieonealofficial is such an inspiration & now she’s rockin the “Stovall” hair as she says *insert googly heart-eyed emojis*

We have said it before and we will say it again, Natalie Stovall’s hair is an entity of its own and we tip our hats (hey, our hair is straight right now!) to Jamie O’Neal for paying it the much due respect it deserves!