Jamelle Fraley Joins Chicago’s Peter Cetera on Tour (Watch!)


Jamelle Fraley of Two Story Road spent years on tour and in the studio, supporting one of country music’s most honored artists, Carrie Underwood. After gaining monumental experience, Jamelle stepped out from the background and took center stage with her husband, Brandon Fraley, forming duo Two Story Road.

Though Jamelle and Brandon are nearing the release of their debut Two Story Road EP and things are about to pick up for the married couple as a bonafide act in the spotlight, Jamelle decided to take a slight detour for an opportunity she couldn’t resist. That opportunity came in the form of a personal telephone call from Peter Cetera, lead singer of classic rock band Chicago. Having grown up on Chicago’s music and sharing childhood memories with her father as the two listened to the band’s hits, Jamelle knew this was a full circle moment in her career that she had to experience.

Jamelle recently headed out for the first of her shows with Peter Cetera, stopping in Westbury, New York for a theater show. Fans of Chicago filled the seats, eagerly anticipating a duet of “After All,” which was originally recorded with Cher and released in 1989. Luckily there were fans on hand who captured the moment for Jamelle to look back on forever (and for us to have the ability to watch a great friend live a dream).

For those who were unable to attend the show, watch Jamelle perform the beautiful ballad “After All” with Peter Cetera below: