Is Kacey Musgraves the world’s most interesting woman or nah?!


I find Kacey Musgraves talented and hell….even entertaining, but interesting? That might be stretching it a bit. And the world’s MOST interesting woman? That’s not even on my radar, but according to Jezebel that’s her new title.  Now to give them their due they are talking about her recent admission to all that being abducted by aliens and stuff.  And I will say that after reading about 25 things I didn’t know about Kacey, I think the girl would be fun to sit back and slug a beer or two back with…what do YOU think?


The Miranda Lambert vs Christina Aguilera feud gets shut down before it gets good….killjoys

Remember back in the day when our only true social media was Maury Povich, Jerry Springer, or the Today Show? There was no DVR and most of us couldn’t program our VCRs so we’d gather around our TVs to check out the latest guests who were going to duke it out or at least give a severe verbal beatdown.

If we were lucky the guests were celebrities and we got to witness firsthand that celebs were just like us and got into arguments and fights just like “real people.”

Oh those were the days.

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