Is Brett Eldredge dating his “Lose My Mind” video co-star?


Rumor patrol time.

NashvilleGab recently had the enviable chance to chat with Brett Eldredge. In the interview, he talked about dating and being single among other things. Turns out, however, that he may not have been telling the whole truth about his relationship status.

According to a few fans on social media, the pretty blond from Brett’s Lose My Mind video, Rachel Hilbert, has been showing up to some of his shows and meet & greets and people are under the impression that she’s his girlfriend.

Rachel and fan  image

Brett Eldredge and fan

Of course, being official according to a few fans on Twitter doesn’t actually mean the two are dating, I’m just putting it out there that it’s a possibility.

Rachel Hilbert

But hey, Rachel’s a Victoria’s Secret model so go Brett, you know, if it’s true and all.