Move Over Jay Z and Beyonce!


Jay Z and Beyonce have frequently been dubbed the “Highest Paid Celebrity Couple in the World,” but now there is a new pair in town telling the R&B/hip hop twosome to move to the left, to the left.

According to Forbes, Taylor Swift and Scottish beau Calvin Harris have financially bested the previous title-holders, with an estimated $146 million collectively earned last year. Mr. and Mrs. Carter came in second with a respectable $110.5 million; while one of country music’s favorite married couples, Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert, rounded out the top three with $57 million. Each member of the celebrity couples listed above made the Top Paid Celebrities list individually, as well.

We’re pretty sure Blake and Miranda will be sipping on some celebratory sangria to commemorate the achievement; and who could blame them?!


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    For those that say Blake takes care of Miranda.. .. looks as if FORBES has another side of the story!!! She has worked her butt off to get to this!! Miranda slow down now and spend more time with your horses!

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