Move Over Jay Z and Beyonce!


Jay Z and Beyonce have frequently been dubbed the “Highest Paid Celebrity Couple in the World,” but now there is a new pair in town telling the R&B/hip hop twosome to move to the left, to the left.

According to Forbes, Taylor Swift and Scottish beau Calvin Harris have financially bested the previous title-holders, with an estimated $146 million collectively earned last year. Mr. and Mrs. Carter came in second with a respectable $110.5 million; while one of country music’s favorite married couples, Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert, rounded out the top three with $57 million. Each member of the celebrity couples listed above made the Top Paid Celebrities list individually, as well.

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We’re pretty sure Blake and Miranda will be sipping on some celebratory sangria to commemorate the achievement; and who could blame them?!

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