Haley Georgia Is Ridiculous! (Watch!)


Watch out, Nashville! There’s a new blonde in town and she is redic-, redic-, ridiculous.

Universal Music Group Nashville (“UMG Nashville”) recording artist, Haley Georgia, made her way on to the scene recently, releasing her first single, “Ridiculous,” to Sirius XM The Highway. Haley entered with a big bang, shocking the genre while simultaneously intriguing it. Perhaps this combination of confusion and curiosity is what will make the young artist the next most talked about female in country music.

Following the introduction of Haley through the likes of John Marks and his team at Sirius, a music video was filmed, further showing the world what the individualistic singer-songwriter is all about. Summing Haley up in a package, you can describe her as an entertaining envelope pusher who wants to be remembered for every step she takes in her career. Some may call that ridiculous, but we call it genius.

The “Ridiculous” video is a simple-minded piece of work that shows Haley moving around a house party, fixated on the man who did her wrong. What better way to seek revenge on someone that hurt you than to surround yourself with friends, snap photos, and live life in a way that will remind him/her you’re still here and moving forward?

“Ridiculous” is the first taste of Haley Georgia, but it certainly is not the last. Infusing her unique personality, country roots, and pop appeal, the UMG Nashville artist will leave an impression on you, no matter how “redic” you find her. I know we are anticipating her next move!