Good news, the tomato shirts are back

Martina McBride and Keith Hill show their love of tomatoes - photo via Instagram
Martina McBride and her husband show their love of tomatoes – photo via Instagram

Good news for fans of female country singers and fruit that pretends to be a vegetable – the popular tomato and tomato lover shirts have been resurrected.

After #SaladGate blew up the internet earlier this month, T-shirt maker TeeSpring decided to use the controversy for good and created a limited-edition tomato and tomato lover t-shirt to raise money for Martina McBride’s charity, Team Martina.

The t-shirts unfortunately were only sold for few days and quickly sold out. Now, however, due to the high demand of tomato loving fans, the shirts are available once again. Unfortunately, just like before, you better hurry if you want to get one because they will only be for sale until Thursday.

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