Baby giraffes named Willie & Waylon are the cutest giraffes of all

Willie and Waylon

Willie, left, and Waylon, right, at the Fort Worth Zoo

Baby animals are generally cute as a rule. So what could make them even cuter? Naming them after a couple of beloved country stars definitely helps.

The Fort Worth Zoo in Fort Worth, Texas recently welcomed two new baby giraffes, one in April and one in May, and decided to honor Texas natives Willie Nelson and Waylon Jennings by naming the two big boys after them.

According to the Fort Worth Business Press, Willie was the first born and weighed in at 121 pounds and measured a respectable 5 feet, 10 inches tall. Waylon, who was born during a thunderstorm, weighed a whopping 187 pounds and stood 6 feet, 1 inch tall.

Waylon and Willie are on display now and join the zoo’s other seven giraffes.

[Giraffes Willie and Waylon welcomed at Fort Worth Zoo]

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