Frankie Ballard’s style isn’t a mistake…


Frankie Ballard is a red carpet stand out. Doesn’t matter if the dude is wearing a custom-made Manuel suit or a designer tuxedo. It’s borderline character development because Frankie clings on to a super classy/retro look that is undeniable him!

ABCRadio shared:

“I think that show business is still show business,” Frankie explains. “I think fans do want to look at their favorite entertainers and go, ‘He puts his pants on one leg at a time just like I do,’ and there’s that. But there’s also — I know it, because as a fan of music myself –I want my rock stars mowing the lawn in leather pants, you know?”

And plus those fancy duds of his make him feel GOOD.

Says Frankie, “The truth about me being dressed or being put together is that I don’t really feel comfortable and confident as myself unless I feel like I look my best. It’s not like a showboating thing. I just don’t have as much confidence talking to somebody at AutoZone unless I’m dressed.”

He knows how to tone it down for every day outings…but whatever Frankie is in…he looks darn good to us!