FGL’s Brian Kelley heads to a mystery wedding

Florida Georgia Line

So Ashley sent me the link to this picture Florida Georgia Line‘s Brian Kelley posted to Twitter today of him heading to a mystery wedding.

With FGL partner Tyler Hubbard getting married sometime soon, my first thought was that Brian was heading to Tyler’s wedding. After doing a little digging, however, I’m thinking it was probably someone else’s big day.

Tyler’s intended, Hayley, posted this picture to Instagram earlier today of she and Tyler heading to Nashville on a motorcycle. And she hashtagged Canaan Smith in the photo, which, unless Canaan’s singing at their wedding, seems a little odd. Turns out that Canaan played Riverfront Park today for CMA Fest so I have a feeling Tyler and Hayley were actually heading to support their friend.


All that said, I did come across this bit of interesting info. While doing a little Googling, I found a wedding registry for Tyler and Hayley that the pair have listed over on TheKnot.com. That website then has links to various other registries for the pair and the registries all list their wedding date as July 1, 2015, in Nashville.

Now before you question why the heck a famous couple would have a public wedding registry, I’ve actually come across this before when John Rich and his wife Joan registered at Babies R Us before having their son Cash.

Now I’ve been wrong before about these sorts of things, so your guess is really is as good as mine, but my best guess is that Brian has other friends besides Tyler and one of them got hitched today. So congrats to whoever said “I Do” today. 


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