Faith Hill Gives Tim McGraw the Old “Swipe Left”


One thing is for sure: you don’t want to be the recipient of a “swipe left” in the world today. Unfortunately for Tim McGraw, that is exactly what happened over the weekend when he tried to connect with his wife, Faith Hill.

According to Taste of Country, Tim played Country Jam in Grand Junction, Colorado twenty years ago — on the day he proposed to Faith. In order to commemorate the life-changing moment, Tim wanted to surprise Faith with a ginormous “Happy Anniversary” wish from fans. So, he took out his cell and phoned home. Only, his plan took an unexpected turn.

Ring, ring, ring went the phone. And then . . . voicemail.

As we all know, grown men don’t cry, so Tim took the opportunity to put the surprise wish on record with a message from thousands of their closest friends. In unison, the crowd yelled “We love you, Faith!”

That’ll teach you to leave your phone out of earshot, huh Faith?