Easton Corbin Gets Real on New Album


In a day and age when male artists are more often than not automatically categorized as members of “Bro Nation,” Easton Corbin emerges with a well-rounded album that exudes a traditional and pure country sound, while daring to conquer the modern male-driven topics of today. Applying his vocals, which have been compared to the likes of the great George Strait since the 2009 release of “A Little More Country Than That,” Easton re-enters the limelight with a project that will set him apart from the masses.

About to Get Real, Easton’s first album since 2012, is a twelve-track offering that, appropriately, allows Easton to reveal himself to fans more intimately than he has before. Filling the record with seductively catchy tunes, Easton divulges everything he is looking for in a relationship — carefree, unattached fun that could lead to something a lot more permanent. The progression of the album culminates in its final track, “Like a Song,” which admits Easton has fallen and can’t get that special someone out of his head. And, indeed, it is about to get real — for Easton and the girl who won his heart.

Recognizing the old mantra “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,” the Mercury Nashville artist returns to his foolproof formula of mostly mid-tempo tracks that explode into earworm-worthy choruses, synonymous with several of Easton’s past hits. The exceptions to the rule are three slower-paced songs that are featured from the middle to the end of the album; each of which further demonstrates the richness of Easton’s vocals, traveling along the gamut of his lower to upper registers.

Though Easton is able to escape becoming a resident of the aforementioned “Bro Nation,” About to Get Real does contain one specific track that would allow him to join the “Good Ol’ Boys Club” if he chose to pursue a membership. “Yup” follows one of the softer tunes on the project and considers the possibility of taking an irresistible woman home from the bar. As quick as Easton tiptoes into that part of the genre, he returns to the more sentimental lyrics that focus on someone working her way into his heart.

Already yielding two radio singles, “Clockwork” and “Baby Be My Love Song,” each of which charted respectably (with the latter continuing to rise), Easton Corbin’s newest offering is packed with potential, making the task difficult to select the next release. However, when working with an album that can be listened to front to back, without ever skipping a song, is there really a wrong decision? The answer is a resounding no; especially with Easton Corbin’s About to Get Real, laden with contender after contender, being the album in question.

Watch the video for Easton’s current single “Baby Be My Love Song” and download About to Get Real by clicking the album cover art below:



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  1. janetnave@gmail.com'
    janet nave

    Love his baby be my love song but how can he compete with the bros junk and no touring. Too many male artists in the mix now. We see who climb the charts all the time. He Easton goes to top five at least

  2. brickersue12@gmail.com'

    I like to be Easton corbin girlfriend I know that’s not going happen to me at all I feel he would go after younger woman more better than older woman god I’m gaving up on love god at end of this year I feel theres no guy out there for me anymore god

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