Yep Yep, Dustin Lynch Is a Winner Winner

Dustin Lynch

At a recent show, Dustin Lynch was approached by a young fan who couldn’t wait to score the autograph of the Broken Bow Records artist who is eager to show anyone a “hell of a night.”

Dustin’s fan, Josh, excitedly handed him a copy of his album to sign … so he thought. When Dustin opened the jewel case to put Sharpie to CD booklet, he was faced with quite a surprise. Rather than his own disc staring back at him, Dustin found a Luke Bryan album.

Josh shared the photograph of him and Dustin Lynch on his Twitter:

Dustin then responded, giving a salute to the object of his affection, Reba McEntire:

Awesome sense of humor, Dustin! And way to give Josh a night that he didn’t want to end. Look at it this way, at least this means he is likely listening to your album …