Dustin Lynch RUINED Luke Bryan’s fishing hole..


Well, the title of this may take the cake for one of the most awkward titles ever. But thanks to TooFab, we now know not to invite Dustin Lynch to our fav fishing spot otherwise we might end up like Luke Bryan.

“He was bragging about this fishin’ spot he had in Idaho and he said, ‘Man this is probably one of the best fishin’ spots I’ve ever been to and blah blah blah,’ and we get out there and we had about five hours to fly fish. This was probably my first time fly fishing and I don’t know if it was like, because I’ve never fly fished or what, but we didn’t catch a fish [laughs]! So I don’t know, hopefully he’ll take me again,”

He went on to tell TooFab:

“He’s ridden me about that up on stage I think about five times now, [how] I wrecked his favorite fishin’ spot in America,” he continues. “But you know, it’s stuff like that — I am the butt of all of his jokes. He gives me a lot of crap on stage whenever I get out there, a lot of nights we’ll go out and do a song with him. He’s always got some sort of thing to throw at me. I take it all in stride, don’t get to me at all.”

Hey….when you can poke fun about not letting someone go to your favorite fishin’ hole, I think you’ve reach real friend status.