Does Sam Hunt play the sensitive tortured man role?


That’s a hell of a title for the borderline country music singer. In a recent article on The Muse, they took some time (honestly…no pun intended) to dissect if Sam Hunt was the next Drake. Now if you don’t know who or what Drake is…don’t feel bad. That actually might mean you’re a true country music fan.

In a nutshell Drake is this rapper that used to sing about sensitive topics. Whatever that means.

The article went on to compare Sam Hunt and Drake’s style, their lyrics and even the way they know how to charm the pants off the ladies. Kind of accurately, too. But the key to the whole article was the fact that Sam brings more emotion to his songs than some of the other stuff they play on the radio by male artists.

My favorite part of the article was this part though:

But while Drake has moved on away from his sensitive tortured man role, and is now just sort of tortured and a little bit of a dick, Hunt is still sweet. So maybe it’s best to say that Hunt is the Drake of a few years ago of country music. Doesn’t roll off the tongue quite the same way, though.

Do YOU agree that Sam Hunt is bringing back the feels to country music?