Do you know who helped Kip Moore battle his demons?


We all have that one artist whose music seems to resonate a little deeper than others. Kip Moore is that for people, but who does that for Kip? He told the Asbury Park Press it was none other than Bruce Springseen.

“I’ve always battled with my own my own demons inside, and I’ve kind of been a basket case in a lot of ways in my life,” said Moore, 35, who shares a crushed velvet singing voice with the Boss. “There are a lot of inner struggles that I deal with. (Springsteen’s) music, what it did, it made you feel comfortable with the troubles you’re facing, and that’s the power of music.”

“It made me feel comfortable with my own insecurities and my own hopelessness.”

That’s pretty powerful. And Bruce’s influence doesn’t just end there, Kip applies it every outlet of his life as he went on to say:

“There’s an effortlessness from his craft and from doing it for so long,” said Moore of Springsteen. “The main thing with him, and what I’ve always tried to do myself, is if you’re authentic in your nature, you are who you are and you’re being real with yourself … when somebody is truly invested in what they’re doing and they’re singing from the depths of their gut, that’s what people connect with. That what people latch on to and that’s what he’s able to do.”

We respect that outlook completely. What artist helps you?!