Cole Swindell giving out free tickets…say what?!



Okay so this is an ultra cool move, Cole Swindell. Like REALLY ultra cool. So, some fans reached out to Mr. Ain’t Worth The Whiskey via Twitter asking for some tickets to a show. Seems like a long shot in hell that someone like Cole would answer, right? Well, he answered. Not only did he answer, but he hooked them the heck up.

That’s a guarantee they won’t be lonely that night!


The Dolphins Aren’t Making Darius Rucker Cry Today

Darius Rucker made it no secret in the Hootie & The Blowfish 1995 hit song “Only Wanna Be with You” that the Dolphins make him cry. As a South Floridian, born and raised, as well as a lifelong Miami Dolphins fan, I truly get the sentiment and often join Darius in those sobs of defeat. However, today, in sunny Miami as the Dolphins gear up for their first home game of the NFL season, Darius isn’t quite crying (yet).

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