CMA Fest 2015 Was Out of This U(ni)verse!


NashvilleGab had a wonderful week working in association with AT&T U-verse and Country Deep TV for the 2015 CMA Music Festival (“CMA Fest”), and we hope you had a great time following our journey (whether you were physically or vicariously in Nashville)! There were so many highlights over the four-day period that it is nearly impossible to condense the moments into an article, especially considering the star-studded lineup and the droves of fans the artists attracted.

To make it easier, let’s sum the days up in four words: fame, fans, friends, and fun.


You certainly can’t argue that the AT&T U-verse Showcase Stage at Fan Fair X was filled with hot artists, ranging from recently discovered to newly signed to actively touring. To kickoff Fan Fair X, Little Big Town made a special cameo at the ribbon cutting ceremony. Joining the award-winning quartet were CMA World executives and AT&T U-verse Vice President Brian Collins.


The Voice’s Kristen Merlin came by for a performance, feeling the effects of television stardom and its huge impact on a musical career. Rainey Qualley (daughter of movie star Andie McDowell) sang three jaw-dropping songs, bringing along a renowned team of music executives that proved to be extremely excited about her potential, and rightfully so. Hit-makers Craig Campbell, Love & Theft, Aaron Watson, and Dustin Lynch packed the house with fans who couldn’t wait to see some of country music’s most recognizable names. Three-time Number 1 artist, Brett Eldredge also stopped by to sneak peek his new single to a large crowd that immediately texted a special code to a designated number to receive a free download of the track. And reality star and country singer Jessie James Decker performed while her NFL wide receiver husband, Eric Decker, watched from side stage with their adorable daughter, Vivianne.


If you build it, they will come, and AT&T U-verse and Country Deep TV were certainly the architects of an amazing four-day event. No matter the artist, the stage area was never void of fans who enjoyed everything from the pre-performance question and answer sessions to three-song acoustic sets from each artist. Immediately following most of the artists’ time on stage, fans quickly ventured to the meet and greet line to shake hands, obtain autographs, and snap photos as forever keepsakes.

ashley-robinson-lauren-alaina jen-swirsky-aaron-watson


As much as artists have to compete against one another when it comes to charts and radio play, the fact of the matter is they support their peers first and foremost. The camaraderie was proven at the AT&T U-verse Showcase Stage where several artists who were not on the bill showed up in the audience for those who were slated. In our post the first night of CMA Fest, we pointed out four separate acts that came to see their friends perform. It was quite a sight to see and a reminder that country music truly remains a close knit family, no matter what the perception is from the outside.

Two Story Road, Elizabeth Huett, and Taylor Swift. Two Story Road came to support Elizabeth, a friend for many years, at CMA Fest.


It’s CMA Fest! What’s not fun about that?! AT&T U-verse and Country Deep TV ensured that no fan could leave without having the time of his or her life, providing endless activities at and away from the Showcase Stage. Aside from the shows, fans were able to walk down Broadway and stumble upon The Buckle Footprint, an area comprised of a karaoke stage, food, games, merchandise, and complimentary photographs. For those who were traveling from stage to stage with gaps of time between their shows of choice, The Buckle was the place to rejuvenate, charge phones, and grab a quick and delicious bite, without waiting in long lines for a table and service.

jen-ashley-buckle att-uverse-buckle

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Make sure to also tune into Country Deep TV online or by using your AT&T U-verse cable box to watch replays from CMA Fest 2015. The live action lasts four days, but the memories and videos last a lifetime!

Thank you to AT&T U-verse, Country Deep TV, the amazing artists, and all the awesome country music fans we met this year! We hope to see you during CMA Fest 2016!