Christian Kane’s #Kaniacs Steal St. Louis


Country music artist turned actor Christian Kane has one of the most dedicated fan bases around. The Kaniacs have supported their guy tirelessly throughout his career, taking each twist and turn with him without ever wavering.

Christian’s latest project, TNT‘s show The Librarians, as well as the myriad of other television shows and movies he has appeared in, resulted in an invite as a celebrity guest to St. Louis’s Wizard World Comic Con. At Wizard World, fans were promised the opportunity to meet the man who inspired the Kaniacs, take photos, and obtain autographs; and those who upgraded to the VIP package were also guaranteed seating at Christian’s panel.

Before the weekend event (which took place May 22-24th), Kaniacs everywhere used social media to plan a St. Louis meetup, threatening to “steal St. Louis” by taking over the city in support of Christian. The threat became reality when fans arrived in droves and spent three days attending speaking engagements, small shows, and fan-arranged activities for the group. At the end of the weekend, even Christian chimed in on Twitter to let the world know that the Kaniacs reached their goal of stealing the Gateway City.

Hey, St. Louis, we hear a name change is in the works. Get ready to change your addresses to St. Kane, Missouri in the near future.

Christian performed at St. Louis’s Hard Rock Cafe during Wizard World Comic Con. Watch the video here:

So, Kaniacs. Out of curiosity, where can we find a fan club as dedicated as you? Gabiacs has a nice ring, don’t you think?


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    What an excellent article! Thank you so much for helping promote the Fantabulous #ChristianKane! #Kaniacs always accomplish what they set out to do and we definitely #StoleStLouis! He is the most humble, appreciative and down to earth “star” you will ever meet. Mr. Kane is such a mulit-talented man: he sings, writes and performs his own songs, acts, creates and does his own stunts, as well as cooks!! His new show #KanesKitchen premieres July 1st and will be an absolutely wonderful way to celebrate #CanadaDay for us…with delicious food!! This man’s phenomenal music is full of heart and soul that you can listen to over and over again, without ever get tired of listening to his deep southern voice…Music is what feelings sound like and he speaks volumes. #ProudToBeAKaniac

    Pam Lamb Presnell

    Thank you for the lovely write up Jen. #ChristianKane does Rock our World and we are so very, very proud of him and All he accomplishes. He adores all his fans, even those that Aren’t #Kaniacs!
    Sp please keep acting, singing, writing, etc. You are Fabulous Mr. Kane. #ProudToBeAKaniac

    Jeannean Sword

    Wow! Thank you for the shout out to Christian Kane and his Kaniacs!! It was such an amazing weekend. I have not laughed this much in a long time. We had a fantastic time at the Wizard World Comic Con Kickoff at Hard Rock Cafe. and then the rest of the weekend was something I will never forget. It was truly priceless!! #KaniacsStoleStLouis and are hoping to do it again and again. We are just waiting to hear where Christian Kane will be next after he completes filming of The Librarians for TNT. We hope Wizard World is listening!!!


    For the record, this is the 2nd time the Kaniacs stole St Louis. First time was in Sept 2012 when KaneCon held their first fan convention in honor of Christian and his band (at that time), Kane. He was unable to make an appearance at that Con or the 2nd one held in LA last year due to filming commitments, but the people attending the 3rd one in Chattanooga next year are hoping he’ll make it since it’s the final one. He’s definitely a talented guy with dedicated fans. I plan on going to KaneCon3 and hope he can make it as well.


    What an awesome article about #ChristianKane and his #Kaniacs!! As I could not be there in person (which i’m still bummed about); I was following on Facebook and Twitter! I did have the amazing opportunity to meet him just a month earlier as he was at #OneMoreShotUK and a gig in London. It was fantastic! I sincerely hope to be able to attend a future US Con to meet up with my #Kaniac family! For now I am excited about the new episodes of #TheLibrarians and, of course, #KanesKitchen!! I can say from the bottom of my heart that I am #ProudToBeAKaniac!

    Denise Morgan-Williams

    #Kaniacs would go to the ends of the earth to support this man! He is not only a talented musician, actor and chef, but a genuine caring person! I didn’t make it to St. Louis but will be watching for the next opportunity to “steal” whatever city he appears in! I am #ProudtobeaKaniac! #KaniacsRock #ChristianKaneisthebest!!


    Thanks for the great article about Christian Kane and his Kaniacs. Those of us who could not attend were kept will informed by those who were there. We are from all over the world and are united by an incredible talented man.

    Mary E Brewer

    Awesome write up about #ChristianKane and the #Kaniacs… and hey i like the name change for St. Louis to St. Kane.. Wonder how many more city’s #Kaniacs can steal and change their names too.. ♥

    Sara Miller

    Thank you, Jen, for writing this piece on Christian. Christian has a devoted fan base because he is so genuine and caring. I’m fortunate to have met him in St. Louis and let me say, he makes each of his fans feel special. He’s extremely multi-talented but humble and down-to-earth at his core. I am #ProudToBeAKaniac because no other celebrity cares like Christian. #KaniacsStealStLouis (which indeed we did) is a little word joke for us Kaniacs/Leverage fans. Check out #Leverage on Netflix/Hulu/elsewhere along with Christian’s current projects, The Librarians and Kane’s Kitchen.

    Christina k

    Thanks so much for this wonderful article not only about Christian Kane but the #Kaniacs them selfs and even though I could not be there I was there in spirit we do what we can to support are guy this awesome gupe have not only been there for Christian Kane but for each other as will and I am #Prowedtobeakaniac as will when we sent to do something we do it right and get it done

    Yvette Dreier

    Awesome write up about an awesome guy. I unfortunately was a #Kaniac unable to attend in person, but I followed along through social media and still had a blast! I wait for my opportunity to see him in person to thank him for all he does.Thank you for the write-up! Where there is Kane, there will be Kaniacs. 🙂

    Megan c

    Thank you Jen for the amazing write up on the St.Lois wizard world. Christian Kane is in no simpler words amazing. His kaniacs will always stay true to him because in return he cares just as much! P.s. check out Kane’s kitchen! Amazing things to come from this truly talented man.kaniacs love you Christian!

  13. Jen Swirsky

    You are all very welcome! It’s always a pleasure to write about Christian because, not only is he extremely talented, but his fans are the greatest :).


    Late chiming in, but thanks for the article about the incomparable Christian Kane. You’re right, Kaniacs around the country were jumping to catch planes, trains, and automobiles to catch a glimpse of the man who’s made us a family. I attended my first con to see him, and had a blast the whole time. We’re now waiting with bated breath for his new show Kane’s Kitchen ( to premiere in July. It’ll make it a tiny bit easier to wait for The Librarians S2 to begin in the fall.

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