Christian Kane’s #Kaniacs Steal St. Louis


Country music artist turned actor Christian Kane has one of the most dedicated fan bases around. The Kaniacs have supported their guy tirelessly throughout his career, taking each twist and turn with him without ever wavering.

Christian’s latest project, TNT‘s show The Librarians, as well as the myriad of other television shows and movies he has appeared in, resulted in an invite as a celebrity guest to St. Louis’s Wizard World Comic Con. At Wizard World, fans were promised the opportunity to meet the man who inspired the Kaniacs, take photos, and obtain autographs; and those who upgraded to the VIP package were also guaranteed seating at Christian’s panel.

Before the weekend event (which took place May 22-24th), Kaniacs everywhere used social media to plan a St. Louis meetup, threatening to “steal St. Louis” by taking over the city in support of Christian. The threat became reality when fans arrived in droves and spent three days attending speaking engagements, small shows, and fan-arranged activities for the group. At the end of the weekend, even Christian chimed in on Twitter to let the world know that the Kaniacs reached their goal of stealing the Gateway City.

Hey, St. Louis, we hear a name change is in the works. Get ready to change your addresses to St. Kane, Missouri in the near future.

Christian performed at St. Louis’s Hard Rock Cafe during Wizard World Comic Con. Watch the video here:

So, Kaniacs. Out of curiosity, where can we find a fan club as dedicated as you? Gabiacs has a nice ring, don’t you think?


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