Cassadee Pope Brings Not-So-Secret Admirer on Stage


Little Gavin Bender from Delaware has made it no secret that he loves Cassadee Pope. In fact, Gavin and his family have taken to social media to make sure the Republic Nashville recording artist feels his love and knows about his biggest wish — to meet the object of his affection.

Today, in Dover, Delaware at the Big Barrel Country Music Festival, little Gavin’s wish was granted when he came face-to-face with the kindhearted artist who can brighten anybody’s day. Gavin’s father explained his four-year-old son’s feelings toward Cassadee to Delaware Online:

He melts. That’s his crush. His super crush.

Gavin’s time with his love interest didn’t end at a pre-show meet and greet. Cassadee surprised her “biggest littlest fan” when she called him out during her set and lifted him on stage to join her and her band.


While the crowd saw the front of Gavin’s homemade shirt, which boasted about his devotion to Cassadee Pope, it was the back of the shirt that makes the little boy even more special.

“I’m Gavin + I am a fighter of Eosinophilic Esophagitis Disease” was what was scrawled across the young child’s back, indicating that Gavin has a very rare chronic immune system disease that makes him resistant to most foods. Spending a lot of time in the hospital, Gavin found solace in one thing: Cassadee’s music.

It comes as no surprise that Cassadee Pope went above and beyond, even providing Gavin and his family with passes to the three-day festival, as this artist is one of the most selfless and caring in the industry. However, her beautiful soul never ceases to make us proud to call her one of our very own in country music.

We are sure that today will be a day Cassadee won’t soon forget, and we are fairly confident little Gavin has already etched his experiences with his favorite artist on his heart to last him a lifetime.

Photo credit: Kyle Grantham/The News Journal



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    Jen, We were thinking her secret admirer was Blake Shelton. We’ve noticed Cassadee is showing up on all these Festival with him. He told them out at Stagecoach she is amazing. Why they haven’t been siinging together is beyond me or is he having her on for an ego boost. She’s always seemed to be his favorite. Hopefully he’ll have her on the voice mentoring with him in a future season. Well he does stand on side of stage and watch her even tho they haven;t sung together. Chris Young tweeted tonight he watched her with Blake from side stage Maybe Cassadee can get some pictures before the Festival Season is over of she and coach! The young fan was very sweet!


    Jen, Knowing you are very close friends to Cassadee, will she be with Blake at the STAMPEDE,Manhattan, Ks tomorrow evening the 27th. That is our big show to attend.

    1. Jen Swirsky

      Cassadee has a headlining show tomorrow night at Mohegan Sun in Connecticut.


        Thanks Jen! Sorry we want get to see her!

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