Carrie Underwood gives words of encouragement to women having a c-section

Carrie Underwood - Instagram
Carrie Underwood working on new music – Instagram

Carrie Underwood recently revealed that she had a C-section with son Isaiah. Now she talks about the guilt that she felt and gives words of encouragement for other women who have to go through the same thing. But first, she has to get through this DJ’s son.

For some reason, Carrie called WMZQ’s Michael J at his home rather than at the radio station for an interview. That’s when the DJ’s son (I assume) answered the phone, which led to the funniest conversation.

Son: Hello?

Carrie: Hey, um, can I talk to Michael J?

Son: May I ask who’s calling?

Carrie: This is Carrie Underwood.

Son: Who?

Carrie: Carrie Underwood.

Son: Oh, ok, one second. Dad, some woman on the phone says that she’s Carrie Underwood!

Michael J: That is Carrie Underwood. Give me the phone.

LOL! Best. Intro. Ever!

Anyway, Carrie talked with Michael J about her upcoming album, women in country, what she thinks when she hears her old music, and she had some words of wisdom and encouragement for women who have had or are having a C-section.

I feel like emotionally it was the hardest thing overall. I felt a little bit like I had done something wrong. I had guilt about it going in so I definitely think that that’s something that women should know that that’s normal and that, again, you gotta do whatever you gotta do to have your baby safely and that’s kind of your first hurtle as a mom and it’s just something you’ve got to learn to be okay with and you’re not alone.

Check out the full interview below or here if that doesn’t work.


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