Brett Eldredge Finds New Duet Partner


A young Cincinnati boy has had a rough go at it lately, struggling with bullying due to an uncontrollable condition with which he was diagnosed — Tourette’s Syndrome.

Nine-year-old Connor Offill was diagnosed at the age of seven, and the road has been difficult. Not only is the actual twitching associated with Tourette’s hard for a child to handle, but the older kids who see the condition as a weakness have made Connor’s journey that much more strenuous.

However, Gloria Bechtel, Connor’s mother, says there is one thing that has helped him cope with what he is facing — country music. Gloria told Cincinnati’s WCPO:

To him, it’s medicine. He comes home and he blares the country music, and it takes the pain away.

So, when Gloria learned that Brett Eldredge would be in their area over the weekend, she made sure to get her young son to the show. Wanting to make Connor’s first ever concert exceptionally special, Gloria reached out to Brett via Twitter … to no avail.

But, this story has a happy ending. Connor arrived at the show, armed with a sign reading:

Can I sing with you!! Only the tuff and brave can swim with sharks!!

Brett laid eyes on Connor’s sign and he was hooked. He then brought the young child up on stage to sing “Beat of the Music” (the song that led to Brett swimming with sharks as a Number 1 celebration). Gloria told WCPO that her son is still absolutely shocked.

He’s just stunned. He’s saying, “I can’t believe that happened mom, I really can’t believe that happened.”

It happened, and we are so happy it did. Brett might not have known in the moment how much joy he was bringing to a young boy going through a tough time, but it will be an experience Connor Offill will be able to carry with him as his journey continues.

You love Brett Eldredge a little more now, Don’t Ya?