Economics 101 with Brandy Clark

Brandy Clark

Brandy Clark was among the artists who played New York City’s first country music festival, FarmBorough Fest, over the weekend. While she was visiting NYC, she spoke with Village Voice about her participation in the event, country music fans, and … good ol’ “Salad Gate”.

Brandy is standing behind her fellow tomatoes, of course, but she has another suggestion about where the money for the supportive t-shirts should go.

I see a lot of people wearing the tomato shirts, which is great, but I think, “Man, I wish they would buy a female’s CD, a female record.” Maybe I’m naïve. Maybe I’m just hopeful because I’m a female in country, and I know for me that everything would be better if females were playing — not just if I were playing, but females — because as a songwriter, it’s been a struggle for me because there just aren’t a lot of places to go with songs. Most females write a lot more female songs than they write male songs.

Can I get an “amen”?

CMT’s Alison Bonaguro also wisely pointed out that Brandy Clark’s acclaimed album 12 Stories is less than $10.00 on iTunes at this time. Therefore, the money spent on the album goes a lot further than on a shirt.

That’s not to say you shouldn’t buy some tomato-related apparel!

While sporting a stylish shirt shows the world that you are a proud fan of female country artists, hitting that download button on iTunes and/or walking into a store and picking up a copy of the album is more beneficial to the artists. Hey, if you buy the music, you can blast it from your car and prove your appreciation through a good, old fashion jam session!

Go ahead. Take a stand and show your love for the females in country music. Download Brandy Clark’s 12 Stories here:

"12 Stories" by Brandy Clark