Is Bobby Bones Still Tweet-tacking Kacey Musgraves?


It’s no secret that there’s been some long-standing beef between Bobby Bones and Kacey Musgraves. Back in 2014, the two got into quite the heated Twitter feud when Bones poked at Musgraves on Twitter for not responding to him. Shortly after, she responded that she was unhappy with how her interview had been edited to paint her in a less than favorable light. He “apologized,” but the ice never seemed to fully thaw.

And while Musgraves may or may not be “Pageant Material,” her new album debuted this week to rave reviews, including NashvilleGab’s. Last night, Mr. Bobby Bones weighed in with his own review on Twitter….


While many took it as him simply complimenting a great album, it sure seems backhanded to me, insinuating that the album takes QUITE a few listens before becoming great. What do you think – genuine compliment or is Bones still snarking?

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