Snagajob Working with Brett Eldredge!


Brett Eldredge is working in connection with Snagajob during its Fourth Annual Hourly Gig contest, which will afford hourly workers the opportunity to pursue their musical passions. The contest will culminate with one lucky and talented individual earning the opening slot during Brett’s July 24th show in Idaho.

In explaining the contest and his partnership with Snagajob to NashvilleGab in our recent interview, Brett stated:

I remember what it was like for me to have the opportunity to get my voice out there and be heard. Snagajob is a company that gives people hourly jobs, and even if they have other aspirations and dreams, people gotta make ends meet, and I get that, but, they also realize people want to go out there and be singers and do all that stuff. Well, they’re having a contest that you can submit your own personal, original song on video, and those artists narrow down from twenty-five to five finalists and then one of those finalists gets to open up for me for one of my shows. And I thought this was such a cool opportunity because I was always begging somebody to let me have an opening slot on one of their shows ’cause I knew it could help me out in a big way, and I’ll never forget the first time I had one. It was with Blake Shelton and it was a big step in my career, to figure out where I wanted to go with it and open some doors for me. So, I think this is a great opportunity for performers out there, and it also inspires me that I can help them out any way I can because it’s a tough road, but it sure is fun once it starts paying off.

For more information on how you can enter to win the coveted opening slot before the Brett Eldredge show in Idaho on July 24th, visit The Hourly Gig by clicking here.

Watch for our full interview with Brett Eldredge this week.