Awkward moment Carrie Underwood didn’t know where Miranda Lambert was but WE did…


So, when Carrie Underwood and Miranda Lambert won a CMT Award for their duet together on ‘Somethin Bad’ and only one of the beautiful blondes was there to collect it, it was only a matter of time before someone asked Carrie where her musical BFF was! And lucky for us…..Carrie let CMT Hot 20 Countdown know what went down when she found out they won:

“I texted her after [Collaborative Video of the Year] because I’m not sure where she’s at,” Carrie told Katie Cook backstage. “But I was like, ‘We won! We won a CMT Award!’ She was like, ‘Awesome!’”

We’ve established Miranda was not only in Nashville the night of the CMT Awards, but also AT the Omni Hotel.  Rumors are she had a song writing session there and was never scheduled to show at the show….but we have a feeling there’s more to the story.

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