We Nominate Kelly Clarkson for Mother of the Year!


We recently reported that Nashville resident and country music’s stepchild, Kelly Clarkson, pleaded to Ariana Grande to meet her stepson, Seth Blackstock. Using social media, Kelly went where all fans have gone before and asked the simple question of whether there was some way for them to meet when the star and her family arrived in London.

It appears Ariana heard the cries and reached out, because Kelly’s prayers were answered and Seth’s dreams came true. Kelly posted this photo on her social media accounts earlier today:


Look at the beaming smile on that little boy’s face. If that isn’t the best part of being a worldwide celebrity, I don’t know what is. Well, maybe it is being able to make this kind of magic happen for your children, because it must be quite a feeling to know you can have a hand in their wishes coming true. Due to her shameless attempts to make Seth happy, we here at Nashville Gab nominate Kelly Clarkson for Mother of the Year!


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  1. jodyjdc@aol.com'

    What an amazing human being. The most prolific voice of our generation. A person’s true beauty comes from inside; this is the true judge of one’s character.

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