Anyone else notice Miranda Lambert wasn’t at the CMT Awards?

MirandaLambert-HotelThere were a lot of famous faces missing from the audience at the CMT Awards. You had Brantley Gilbert, Blake Shelton, and of course Miranda Lambert. One would assume they were super busy or on tour and that’s why they didn’t show up, right? But someone who looked an awful lot like Miranda was spotted getting out of a car at a hot spot Nashville hotel, minutes before she should’ve been making an appearance at the red carpet.

Lil strange, right? I mean, there is always a possibility this wasn’t Miranda and an imposter, but if that’s the case then that someone needs to track this person down because we are talking DEAD RINGER.

And while no real definitive reason was mentioned as to why Miranda didn’t show up(she wasn’t scheduled), we can only hope it was to send a message from one of country’s music’s biggest females that it was time to take a stand against the machine! That seems like something Miranda would do, right?

Ehhh…whatever the reason….she was greatly missed.


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  1. abnabliz316@MSN.COM'

    Miranda has in town earlier this week because she had songwriting appointments. She was NEVER scheduled to be at the awards show so? No Drama.


      Nessa, don’t understand your No Drama remark. Gosh! Blake’s Baby Girls kept our minds from missing Miranda too much. Did anyone get a count.. I’ve missed so much of The Voice, I’m sure there were ones I didn’t know! Had it not been for Carrie Underwood, the show could have been Blakes’s and his Baby Dolls on the carpet, Remember how we all enjoyed his presenting Cassadee her award a couple or three years back! I had guessed he was maybe there in the parking lot , but no show! We just saw Miranda in Chicago the pass Saturday.


    Something’s up…. Country stars don’t just miss an awards show…..

    Priscilla Fitzgerald

    I saw Miranda at Longhorn in Nashville Sunday, June 7th. Got a picture with her actually.


    In one of the last cuts to commercials where CMT showed everyone backstage it looked like Ashley Monroe was walking with Miranda backstage.


    Live it up Blake you to Miranda
    Just do it


      Love is in the air
      I no u 2 are in love
      Y’all are the best.My wife and I that’s been in love for 34 years wish yall the best .God bless the 2 of you.

      Gary and Sheryl

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