Fake Taylor Swift is making real money

Rose looking very Taylor-like - via DailyNews5
Rose looking very Taylor-like – via DailyNews5

Just like DVDs, shoes, and high-end purses, you can find a knockoff Taylor Swift if you’ve got cash and you know where to look.

Rose Nicholas is a 23-year-old college student who tells the DailyNews5 that since she was about 17, she hasn’t been able to go anywhere without being mistaken for Taylor.

“In Times Square, it felt like the paparazzi were surrounding me. People refused to believe me when I said I wasn’t Taylor Swift. I was bombarded by groups of tourists, desperate to get a photo or video. It was overwhelming. The next day, I found all sorts of photos popping up of me on social media mistaking me for the real Taylor Swift in Times Square!”

So what is a person who can’t stop being mistaken for Taylor Swift to do?

Start getting paid to impersonate her, of course.

Rose says that a couple of years ago a friend asked her to do a Taylor-inspired photo shoot. Rose agreed and the rest is history. After the pictures were put on online, she started getting offers to impersonate the singer.

‘Virtually overnight, I was getting calls from other photographers and offers from lookalike agencies wanting to sign me up as a lookalike.’

Rose says she now does at least one job a month and has raked in over $15,000 since beginning her look-a-like career.

Yep. The jobs are out there, people, if you just open your minds to the possibilities.

                                          Taylor Swift in a hat Rose as Taylor Swift

[Rose Nicholas makes £10,000 as a Taylor Swift lookalike]


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