Yikes! FCC fines iHeartMedia a million bucks for Bobby Bones on-air oops

Bobby Bones

Have you screwed up on your job today? Yesterday? The past week or two? Well trust me, no matter what you’ve done you probably haven’t come close to costing your job as much as DJ Bobby Bones just cost his.

The FCC (Federal Communications Commission) announced today that they have fined iHeartMedia $1 million dollars after Bobby Bones used a recording of the highly annoying screeching emergency alert system back in 2014 on air while commenting on the alert airing during the 2014 World Series.

Do you hear that? That’s the sound of a few thousand DJs across the country going through all their recordings to make sure they don’t have the expensive one on file.

The FCC says that they take these things seriously because: “The public counts on EAS tones to alert them to real emergencies. Misuse of the emergency alert system jeopardizes the nation’s public safety, falsely alarms the public, and undermines confidence in the emergency alert system.”

As Bobby Bones’ show is syndicated, the signal went out to and was played on some 70 stations around the country, which seems to be part of the reason why the fine was so high.

As part of the settlement with the FCC, iHeart admits Bobby Bones was a bad boy and promised never to do it again. They agreed to a civil penalty of $1 million bucks, will implement a three-year compliance and reporting plan, and will delete all their recordings of fake or real EAS tones.

I once worked at a Chinese restaurant where they deducted money from my paycheck for every plate, cup, or bowl that I broke and for my mess-ups on tickets. Do you suppose iHeartMedia will do the same and deduct the fine from Bobby Bones’ paycheck? :0)