What would you do for concert tickets? Probably not what this guy did


Man, people be so carrrrraaaaazzzzyyyyyy!!!

What would you do to win tickets to a concert? Sing some karaoke? Wear a diaper in public? Dress up as a Disney princess and walk around the mall? Eat a worm?


Those are tame compared to what this guy did recently to win tickets to a Florida Georgia Line show.

This crazy man/super fan got a radio station logo not only shaved into the back of his head but also got it tattooed on his arm.

Now that’s hardcore!!!

My name is Julie Reeves. We have a country morning show in Huntington, WV on WDGG FM 93.7. We have a listener in the studio right now getting a tattoo of our station logo just to win Florida Georgia Line tickets. He also got our logo shaved in the back of his head. Pretty crazy.

Yikes. Crazy indeed!

So have you ever done anything crazy to win tickets to something?

[Photos courtesy 93.7 The Dawg]

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