Want To Dress Like Taylor Swift? Now, you can!


Hey Taylor Swift fans, are you ever mesmerized by Taylor’s New York City street style, or her fabulous red carpet looks? Have you made her your fashion role model? Do you ever wish that you could dress up like her, but you can’t afford the original prices of what she wears (let’s be real, unless we’re as famous as her, it’s kind of impossible)?

Well, look no longer! Taylor has become the next icon in our fashion world, amongst many other credible titles, and is now inspiring our generation with her classy, elegant, yet chic, sense of style. Thanks to Rent The Runway, they’ve added a Taylor Swift collection where they’ve handpicked the exact dresses, or similar to, that the queen of style has worn herself in the public, and have given you not just the option to buy them face value, BUT RENT THEM at a MUCH cheaper cost. HOORAY.

That’s so cool, isn’t it? Now you can dress up as fashionable as Taylor everyday, or better yet, bring some Swifty style to your next ball, prom, or elegant occasion and have fun with it!

Enjoy being the next Taylor Swift in fashion!

Check out the link here.