Taylor Swift to bring Congress together

Taylor Swift in a nice sweater
Taylor Swift photo via instagram

Lawmakers in Washington D.C. may not be able to agree on much as a rule, but they do apparently agree on the fact that Taylor Swift is GREAT for fundraising.

Taylor once told Time magazine that she didn’t talk politics because she didn’t want to influence people’s political views, so it makes me wonder how she would feel about this story.

CNN is reporting that a handful (19 to be exact) of congressional lawmakers have reserved private boxes at Taylor’s concert in D.C. on July 13 and 14. Not because they’re huge fans (although I’m sure there are probably a Swiftie or two in the group). Nope, these lawmakers have discovered that Taylor is good for business … the fundraising business.

Both Democrats and Republicans have snatched up the boxes and are charging between $750 to $2,500 per ticket for the chance to hang with them at the concert in style to raise money for whatever lawmakers raise money for.

I know this won’t be what happens, but I have this funny thought that rather than stuffy old men in $1000 suits talking politics, it’s dozens of 12-year-olds with daddy’s credit card who snatch up the tickets and turn the fancy private boxes into a fandemonium of over-hyper, bawling tween girls hyped up on the excitement of seeing Taylor in concert and Monster energy drinks.

Now that makes me smile.

[Congress flocks to Taylor Swift concert]