Taylor Swift band member, Amos Heller, clears up some confusion…sort of.


Taylor Swift‘s long time guitarist, Amos Heller, is known for his funny antics on stage and biting his tongue. So, naturally when Rolling Stones magazine put out a piece about Taylor’s band rocking directly under the tutelage of the album 1989’s producer Max Martin to get the sound just right for tour, Amos had something to say. SORT OF.

Amos cleared up that while the band was indeed hustling to make sure the sound of the album was on point, he had never met Max. He went on to post a photo of the excerpt from Rolling Stone with a sad face. But here’s where the sort of comes in because it has since been deleted. The only proof we have is a sad little screen shot.


Whether Max did or did NOT have a say in the sound of the tour, we know fans are 100% satisfied with Amos and the the rest of Tay and her band so job well done all around. I mean, have you seen the light up bracelets that are synched with the set list? Freakin’ insane!