Shania Twain MIGHT have new songs up her sleeve?

shania_twain_funny_pic_gif_derxgglzsizedWe have been new music-less from Shania Twain since 2002.  Meaning there is practically a whole generation of children that don’t know what it’s like to get excited over new Shania music. But WAIT….there might be some hope..

“It’s to be determined,” she tells Entertainment Weekly.  “Maybe it will work out.  I’m working on new music all the time.”  Giving some meets about her new music, “It breaks my heart in a good way.  It speaks to me. It’s very personal music, but it feels good. I enjoy listening to it and writing it.”

AND that means that once her touring days are over, she wants to concentrate on popping out new tunes. She tells EW, “I don’t feel like I’ve made enough in my life. I’ve got a lot more to say.”

“I’d love to do a Christmas album at some point,” she adds. “I’ve got all kinds of albums I want to make that I’ve been putting off.  I feel like I need to grow another me if I’m going to be able to do it all.”

“I need to get my petri dish out or something, And duplicate my creative self so I can write and record and produce and perform all at the same time.”

I don’t think you’d have a single fan complaining about that!