Scotty McCreery sings with the children’s choir at his old elementary school

Scotty McCreery with the Timber Drive Elementary School choir

Have you ever had the fantasy of becoming rich and famous and then returning to your old school like some long-absent conquering hero? I know I have. Well Scotty McCreery just had the chance to do that very thing. Of course, it was a mini version of the fantasy most of us have, but whatever.

Elizabeth Palmieri, Scotty’s former music teacher at Timber Drive Elementary school, heard that the American Idol winner was going to be home for a visit, so she asked him if he’d like to sing with her students during their Thursday night concert. Being the cool guy that he is, Scotty agreed.

Ms. Palmieri let the students in on the surprise beforehand, but for the parents in attendance it was a complete surprise.

“It was special,” McCreery said. “That’s what you want for them. To be happy, and they are young and having fun. It would have a big night regardless of if I was here, but I hope I made their night a little better.”

One little girl, 11-year-old Kaitlyn Woods, summed things up perfectly. “I don’t even know him, but he’s cute.”

Amen to that, sister! Amen to that.

Check out Scotty performing his hit song I Love You This Big with the sweet little Timber Singers.